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Do you want to feel more satisfied in your life and career? Are you struggling with a sense of hopelessness, stagnation, or lack of purpose? Do you have changes that you'd like to make to live a healthier lifestyle, to have more fulfilling relationships with others, and to participate more actively in positive social changes? Are you curious about how your unique strengths can fully support your dreams?
You may be struggling to find a way for your passion and your career to co-exist. You want to make a difference in the world but have no idea where to start. Things seems to be going "just fine" from the outside, and yet you feel a craving for feelings of aliveness and meaningful connection which you have not felt in quite some time.
Are you looking for support in reconnecting to your true Self and experience fulfillment in your personal and professional life?

Many people struggle with making changes to have a more fulfilling and inspired life

Many people do not receive the professional, emotional, or spiritual support that they need to live gratifying, healthy, and inspired lives. At work people are expected to perform to their fullest capacity, at home they're expected to be loving and supportive partners; in their off-time they should be doing community service! All of these "shoulds" add up to a lot of pressure, a lot of expectations. Maybe you know what change you want to make and just need some support in taking the first step or perhaps you're struggling with feeling unsatisfied, blocked, or stagnant. Either way, coaching can be a method to explore your intrinsic gifts, strengths, resources, and desires and support you in implementing change in your life so that you can be on your way to living the life that you've always wanted.

Life coaching offers effective strategies for gaining clarity around personal values and goals, maximizing efficacy, and supporting you in making the changes necessary to live to your fullest potential.

About IrisBridge Therapeutic Life-Coaching

What sets us apart:

1. Our approach is holistic AND grounded in evidence-based practices.
We work to integrate your whole self into the coaching process--mind, body, and spirit. Our mission at IrisBridge is to bring you our extensive training and experience with evidence-based methods alongside creative mindfulness-based practices, so that you can re-align with your authentic and unique life-path. In addition to being Certified Life-Coaches and Registered Psychotherapists, our coaches are experienced practitioners of Motivational Interviewing, Somatic Psychotherapy, CBT techniques, Parts Work (Internal Family Systems), Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR), Ecotherapy, and Expressive-Arts methods.

2. We focus on providing you with tools and resources to ignite personal and social change.
We believe that important social changes start within the individual. Healing your own wounds and aligning with your life-purpose is the foundation of what ignites positive changes on a larger scale. At IrisBridge we provide you with tools and resources for real-life applications of your insights. The focus of our Life-Coaching offerings is to support you in gaining a sense of balance, direction, and clarity about your gifts and how to actualize them in the world.


Our specialties:

You have been considering making dietary, exercise, time-management, or lifestyle adjustments to help live a life in which you can feel at your best. Perhaps your mental health is giving you trouble and you're wanting to explore both root causes and a game plan for living a life in which you feel stable enough to flourish. At Iris Bridge, we understand the challenges that come along with making these kinds of changes. As both life coaches and psychotherapists, we provide tailored support and strategies for you to gain clarity about what is holding you back and take the effective steps to live a meaningful and rewarding life.
Activist and helping professions can be intensely draining and have very high rates of stress and burnout. Perhaps you're struggling with overextension, lack of purpose, or wondering whether you chose the right profession in the first place. Or maybe you are looking for ways to become more engaged with social healing and are wondering where to start. Coaching can help uncover ways to find balance in life, tap into your inner and outer resources, explore values and meaning, support personal strengths, and make a game plan for helping you to return to both a successful career and a nourished and passionate personal life.
Feelings of alienation and disconnection (from our deepest selves, others, and the natural environment) are unfortunately extremely common in our society. Nature Connected Coaching lies at the intersection between Ecotherapy and Life Coaching. It aims at re-connecting individuals to their innate access to personal and collective wisdom so that they may live more in alignment with their truth and unique life path. At the simplest level, being in nature offers substantial therapeutic benefits: as we quiet our minds and connect to our senses and to our environment, we immediately feel more grounded and clear. But this is just the tip of the iceberg. By connecting to the land we gain access to the personal and interpersonal knowledge that is rich in symbolic meaning and practical applications. We learn how to listen deeply to our true Self, to others, and to the larger collective which allows us to bring our gifts and life-purpose into fruition.
Perhaps you're an artist seeking to reconnect with their muse or maybe you're just looking for a way to reignite passion in your life. Creativity can be a powerful and guiding resource that can tap into the unconscious and driving forces that dictate the way we live our lives. Everyone's creativity is different, some people love to move their bodies, some make art, others find that writing is the way to put their creative mind to work. Tapping in to creativity can give valuable insight to true desires and intentions and it can also serve to pragmatically support our life with flexibility and innovation.

What to expect from your coaching sessions:

Your coaching journey will begin with a free initial consult. This time is to make sure you and your coach are a good fit and to identify the themes, goals, desires, or conflicts you are currently working with. After the initial consult, we generally request that you commit to at least four weeks of coaching. Although this is flexible (due to financial or scheduling needs), this time frame is suggested because the commitment has shown to be supportive in the success of the coaching process.

During each coaching session you will begin by assessing and exploring, with the support of your coach, where you are at and where you want to be. What are you bringing to the table that specific day? Are you working with the same themes as last week or have new strengths, obstacles, or insights emerged? You will then spend some time working with your coach in an experiential way designed to investigate the state you are after, your strengths and resources, and what is holding you back. Depending on your personal challenge, desire, or inclination this could look like talk-based exploration, movement or body-awareness practices, ecotherapy in the land, parts-work, or expressive arts. After the exploration there will be time for integration and processing aimed at creating an action plan to support you in living a fuller and healthier life. In between sessions you will receive materials, resources, and email support to help you with remaining connected to your goal and the implementation of effective action steps.

The average time that clients work with their coaches is 8-12 weeks. Depending on your reason for seeking coaching this can be a longer or more succinct relationship. Each coaching session will vary to best suit the client's unique needs and impulses.


Common questions and concerns:

"If I really wanted to make the change, I would have made it already. A coach can't make me into a whole new person."

It takes more than sheer "willpower" to make important personal and social changes.
We live in a world of "Just do it" and "Pull yourself up by your bootstraps." Oftentimes when people have the experience of “failing” to make a change they desired they assume it was due to a personal lack of ability or inner strength. Research in the field of social and clinical psychology has demonstrated over and over that it takes more than a sheer force of will to make a change successful and start seeing its results. Sometimes it takes innovative approaches, the healing of the burdens which hold us back, a supportive container, and a deeper investigation of what we truly value and believe in. At Iris Bridge, we believe that everyone has the capacity to live to their fullest. Our coaches work with tailored and evidence-based approaches designed to explore your own, unique capacity for growth and fulfillment. We believe that when you are in full control of your strengths, you will feel more capable and confident, taking advantage of life's opportunities as they arise and impacting the world in a transformative way.

"I'm embarrassed about seeing a coach. I wouldn't want anyone to find out."

You safety and privacy is our priority.
It can be very scary to seek support and we want to honor the courage that it takes. As coaches we aren't attempting to change or “fix” anything about you: instead we offer tools and resources for you to grow, meet your goals, and find creative ways of living a joyful, purposeful life. We always respect people's privacy and our coaching is 100% confidential. It is completely up to you whether or not you want others to know about your coaching.

"I want to feel nourished and meet my goals, but I'm not interested in being in therapy. "

You are always in charge of the modality you prefer.
Iris Bridge does not believe that a "one size fits all" approach works for therapy or life coaching. Because we are both Life Coaches as well as Registered Psychotherapists, we tailor our work to the needs and preference of each client. Whether you are looking to heal the burdens which hold you back or you prefer to focus on your future projects (or a combination of the two), we are prepared to meet your needs so that you can begin to live the life you have always wanted. We have a variety of different tools, experiential activities, and resources to offer you and a lot of experience in helping people gain clarity and make important life changes. We aim at making your sessions as useful to you as possible, so feel free to make specific requests of your coaches for your time spent together.

Whether you are struggling in your career, seeking to find more passion and inspiration in life, or are struggling to make an important change, coaching can be a valuable tool to support you in achieving your goals, nurturing your passions, and bringing your life into alignment with your hopes and aspirations.

About the Coaches:

At IrisBridge, we are both professional life-coaches, Registered Somatic Psychotherapists in the state of Colorado, and workshop facilitators with significant training and experience in supporting our clients’ personal and professional growth.

We specialize in working with helping professionals, activists, artists, and healers, who feel "stuck" and burned out and are looking for a way to reconnect with their vision and sense of purpose.

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Francesca Bini

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With skillful and compassionate support, you can live in alignment with your truth and ignite important personal and social change.

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