Our Mission and Approach

Iris Bridge is a collective of holistic practitioners whose mission is to promote positive change, on a personal and community level, through the development of authentic and meaningful relationships, with oneself, with the natural environment, and with others. 
Iris Bridge is about re-connection. Whether through connecting body and mind, human and nature, or individual and community, we believe that connection is essential to fostering health, resilience, and meaning.

What sets our approach apart, is our commitment to creating a connective bridge between the documented power of contemplative practices (such as body-centered mindfulness, creative self-expression, and transpersonal experiences), and the scientific efficacy of evidence-based methods (from the neuroplastic effects of interpersonal neurobiology, to the latest discoveries in trauma processing, to the solid foundations of psychological change theories). The services we offer are carefully developed to provide the most effective integration of these realms.

We provide one-on-one therapeutic life-coaching, professional training, and community workshops, for adult clients and institutions residing in Colorado.

Our Services for Helping Professionals

Our services are open to helping professionals (including therapists, coaches, doctors, POs), activists, and individuals looking to step into their role as personal and social healers.


Motivational Interviewing Training

Motivational Interviewing (MI) is an evidence-based, client-centered counseling style designed to address ambivalence toward change and strengthen one's intrinsic motivation.
We provide Motivational Interviewing training, supervision, and evaluation for individuals and organizations.


Authentic Movement Training

Authentic Movement (AM) is a body-centered practice rooted in Jungian Depth Psychology and Dance/Movement Therapy. The form of this practice is designed to create a conscious space to freely express oneself, allow for healing movement, and explore subconscious material. We offer individual sessions, weekend-intensives, and 8-weeks training courses.


Transformative life-coaching

Our team of experienced Life Coaches offers one-on-one therapeutic coaching sessions for adults looking to explore what keeps them "stuck", how to find more balance and fulfillment in their lives, and how to reconnect to their unique sense of purpose.


About Us

Francesca Bini and Sara Schultz are Registered Psychotherapists, therapeutic Life-Coaches, and professional educators based in Boulder, CO. Francesca and Sara share a passion for holistic approaches to well-being that address body, mind, and spirit.

Their mission is to provide the most effective services through integrating solid scientific principles and evidence-based practices, often lacking in the field of holistic health, with the efficacy of contemplative and mindfulness-based approaches. 

Together they co-founded IrisBridge, a company centered around providing opportunities for healing, continuing education, and personal growth at the individual and collective level.